If you are selling your home, I am happy to help you understand what your home may be worth, as well as walk you through the process of preparing your home to be previewed by potential buyers. Although this process can be overwhelming , I am here for you every step of the way. Please feel free to use the following online resources designed specifically for Sellers like you.

In today’s ever changing real estate market, you need a savvy real estate professional to educate you on how to accurately position you to successfully achieve your goals.  It is very important to work with pre qualified buyers to save you time and money!

NAR has reported that 92% of home buyers searched for properties online. A
study by Google in the same year suggests that the number is even greater at 97%.
Perhaps more telling is that almost half of all buyers who purchased a home
found that home online. Sellers in today’s market need a realtor with a strategic digital marketing plan!

Price, condition and location are the 3 most important factors when selling your home. Please click here to read more on pricing. 

Wondering what your Home is worth?
If you are wondering what your home is worth, the best way to have its value most accurately assessed is by a real estate professional. I can help you understand current market trends, the unique value of your home, and how pricing can affect the way Buyers perceive your home’s value.

Find Your Homes Value Click Here

Wondering how you can quickly learn more about the process of selling your home?
My website features a wealth of information on the process of preparing your home for sale, and what you can expect throughout the process.

Click here to view my information for Sellers>>

Few facts about today’s buyer and where the buyer found the home they purchased.

  • Internet: 51%
  • Real estate agent: 34%
  • Yard sign/open house sign: 8%
  • Friend, relative or neighbor: 4%
  • Directly from sellers/Knew the sellers: 1%
  • Print newspaper advertisement: 1%




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